Do your employee portraits need an update?

Portraits comes in the many and whether you need it to be classical corporate style or have lots of personality, we can deliver it.

Portraits with a purpose

Portraits can be used for many different purposes. From enticing new employees and streamlining current employees LinkedIn presence, to establishing a professional visual communication to your customers and partners.

What is your purpose?

Before we get started it’s important you know what your purpose is.

Portraits can convey an array of different messages depending on its formats. Do you want them black/white or in color? Full body or shoulders and up? Should your employees wear neutral clothes, colorful clothes, clothes with lots of prints? Do you want the photo to have a white background, grey background, maybe an office background - or should it be outdoors? It’s the answers to these questions that help us makes sure the portraits align with the rest of your branding.


No two clients are alike – and neither are their needs when it comes to planning a photoshoot.

Hereunder, you find our general prices. For an exact price, please reach out and tell us a bit about your needs.

695 DKK ex. VAT per portrait up to 6 portraits.

Do you need more than 6 portraits done?

The price drops to 595 DKK ex. VAT per portrait. 

Additionally, if we have to shoot voutside our studio, we charge a start-up fee of 1.250 DKK ex. VAT for each project.

The above prices include editing and transport within the greater Copenhagen area.

If your project last several days, you're only charged the start-up fee once.

Do you also need employer branding and situational photos for your visual presentation? Let’s get that sorted while I’m visiting. By collecting several photos under one project, you save on the start-up fee.  

A good corporate photo happens when…

…the person being photographed feel at ease.

The most important part of a partnership is that it feels easy and natural for you and your employees to be in front of the camera.

It can feel awkward to be in front of the camera when it’s not something you’re used to. For this reason, our job first and foremost is to make you and your employees feel comfortable.

We always spend sufficient time with each employee, to make sure they have all the time they need to feel at ease - and even change their outfit it need be.

Because the best results happens when everyone feels comfortable and has fun in the moment.

That’s how we ensure you end up with portraits that both you and your employees are happy with – and which can be used for so much more than just your website.


Professional portraits shot in the organization’s own location

Reach out to book a shoot