Ensure you send the right signals to corporate partners and future employees

Your visual communication is an essential tool in creating the best branding for your organization.  

It’s through your visual communication that you have the chance to convey who your organization are – are you happy, serious, determined, or maybe a little bit goofy?

Did you know that while we only remember about 20% of what we read, we actually remember 80% of what we see.

With the massive information overflow we're currently experiencing, it’s becoming more important that ever to ensure your visual communication is on point and streamlined with the stories you’re telling on your website.

Invite your customers, partners and future employees inside with high quality personal employer branding photos. With good employer branding photos, you’re letting the outside interact with your company on a more personal level.

When is an employer branding photo good?

An employer branding photo is good, with it works as an extension of the texts on your website, as well as your other branding – the photos should always support your messaging.

Moreover – a good employer branding photo, of course, puts your work environment in the center, and makes it look inviting.


1.200 DKK ex. VAT per motif.  

The above price include editing and transport within the greater Copenhagen area.

Additionally, we charge a start-up fee of 1.250 DKK ex. VAT for each project.

If your project spans over several days, you are only charged the start-up fee once.

No two projects are the same – and it can therefore be tricky to set standard pricing.
Above you see my general prices. For an exact price, please reach out in the from below.

Do you also need new corporate portraits? By collecting several photos under one project, you save on the start-up fee.  

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